Credits include: Dua Lipa, Avril Lavigne, Butch Walker, Matt Nathanson, Gloria Trevi, Dodie, Iration, Deadmau5, Rob Thomas, Post Modern Jukebox, Scott Storch, Rufus Wainwright, Andy Madadian and many more. 


Lacy is proficient in the standard classical repertoire and reading as well as a fantastic improvisor and writer of many styles. Lacy received her Bachelors Degree at the California Institute of the Arts and continued studies at the San Fransisco Conservatory Of Music - Lacy was also a student in the Prep-Division as a teenager at the Manhattan School Of Music -  while studying as a 'drama major' at LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts  in New York City - receiving a "Father Fame Award" at graduation for her multi-talents shown throughout her high school career - including acting, dance, violin, guitar, piano, songwriting, singing and comedy.  

When Lacy is not touring, she is a session musician (both remotely and locally) in the Los Angeles and Nashville area.  Her signature sound can be heard in several film and documentary soundtracks, video games, theme parks, commercials, television shows, web series, country albums, pop albums, religious, and folk albums - ranging from lush string arrangements to raw bluegrass fiddle.

Lacy is currently in the writing process for a full length album with girl group,  "Saga Strings" with producer Onree Gill, set to release in the coming year - as well as her own Country/Bluegrass album being produced by Stevie Blacke.  Her country duo, "Gin & Lace" is also in the studio writing and recording more upcoming originals and continue to perform live.

Besides being a violinist, Lacy is proficient at viola, mandolin, piano, guitar, and vocals and uses these both in studio settings and in her song and instrumental writings.

Lacy also plays in a 90's Country/Star Wars parody band known as 'Garth Vader" - which combines 2 things she loves - Star Wars and her favorite era for most  music:  the 90's.

For live-performance, Lacy can't live without her "L.R Baggs Venue" & Wladek Stopka Violin combined with her pick-up.  When playing electric violin, she loves her "Mad-Professor" pedals ( & Krutz Strings Bows. (