Lacy is proficient in the standard classical repertoire and reading as well as a fantastic improvisor and writer of many styles. Lacy received her Bachelors Degree at the California Institute of the Arts and continued studies at the San Fransisco Conservatory Of Music - In her younger years, Lacy was also a student at the Manhattan School Of Music -  while also studying drama/theatre/musical theatre at LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts  in New York City - receiving a "Father Fame Award" at graduation for her multi-talents shown throughout her high school career - including acting, dance, violin, guitar, piano, songwriting, singing and comedy.  

Lacy is a world-class session musician (both remotely and locally) in the Los Angeles and Nashville area.  Her signature sound can be heard in several feature film, indie films,  & documentary soundtracks, video games, theme parks, commercials, television shows, web series, country albums, pop albums, religious, and folk albums - ranging from lush string arrangements to raw bluegrass or klezmer-styled fiddle.

Recent recording credits include: Rob Thomas ("One Less Day")  Iration (several tracks on newest album release), Dua Lipa (live/video version for "Don't Start Now"), Post Modern Jukebox (live/video version "I Don't Want to be You Anymore")

 and many more.


Recent live performances/tours include: Mark McGrath, Avril Lavigne (@ Greek Theatre), "Dr. Dre With Orchestra" tour in 2019, Dodie (west coast leg of 2018 USA tour), Gloria Trevi ("El Amor World Tour" - 2 yrs;  viola & violin), Marcos Antonios Solis (@ Staples' Center),  Bea Miller (MTV Awards with 'Saga Strings') - amongst many other arenas/venues all over the world - throughout the decade with various artists.

Lacy is currently in the writing process for a full length album with girl group,  "Saga Strings" with producer Onree Gill, set to release in the coming year - as well as several of her own solo albums & projects - with various producers. Lacy is also half of a country duo by the name of "Gin & Lace"; whom is also in the writing process and continues to perform Live. 

Besides being a violinist, Lacy is proficient at viola, mandolin, piano, guitar, and vocals and uses these both in studio settings and in her song and instrumental writings.

Lacy also plays in a 90's Country/Star Wars parody band known as 'Garth Vader" - which combines 2 things she loves - Star Wars and her favorite era for most  music:  the 90's.

For live-performance, Lacy can't live without her "L.R Baggs Venue" & Wladek Stopka Violin combined with her pick-up.  When playing electric violin, she loves her "Mad-Professor" pedals ( & Krutz Strings Bows. (