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Blog Entry No. Uno

Going's On:

 I have recently deleted my social media apps from my phone. They are not completely deactivated, but even this small step is freeing, yet, sightly scary - but not in the way you'd think. It is mostly scary to see other's reactions.  This deletion allows more time for creativity and exploring my own psyche; rather than letting outside forces control my thoughts. I highly recommend it to everyone; especially if you are a creative type.  How on earth does 'doom scrolling' help anyone's life? I always used the excuse: "well, I use social media for recipes and to see what's going on in my field" well, I can google-search a recipe just as easily - and the other half of that statement is complete crap. There is really no reason to keep heroine downloaded on your phone. 

   From others, I have felt an intense amount of panic and intensity. I'm not sure that they are even conscience of it.  It is an immediate desire of wanting to know what is going on with me - now that they aren't made privy to it all via their dopamine-app. I have one friend who even admitted: she had a wave of anxiety take over her and she thought I was possibly dead.  People I have not heard from consistently for years have reached out; as if sent by Satan himself; sending me links to social media. It is really wild and interesting to watch it all un-fold. The amount of panic and disorder from others is particularly interesting.   

    This blog will be my only outlet to the internet-world.  Maybe a youtube video here and there : I personally believe the internet has to do with the end-times and it is most likely closely related to the anti-Christ.  Some may think that is a nutty thing to say; and honestly, I care no more than 1 or 2 shits.  

    I have been watching 'curb your enthusiasm' with the additional time I have gathered back from my life - as well as composing instrumental pieces for sync-placement. I am excited about this new life choice and I urge others to join.

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