"I met Lacy about two years ago during a violinist audition. The second I heard her playing, I knew I'd be working with her on a regular basis. Since that time, she's been the principle violinist on two feature films that I've scored, two short films, several live performances of my music, and multiple other projects. Lacy is by far the best session string player I have ever worked with. She has the rare combination of having incredible technique and virtuosic abilities, while also being incredibly musical and sensitive in her playing. Lacy also has an incredible ear. She can playback phrases and melodies after hearing them only once or twice. With her abilities, sessions are able to move quickly and efficiently, with maximum time spent on being creative. Not only is she an amazing musician, but she is also an awesome human being. Her work ethic is always upbeat and enthusiastic. She has set the bar for all string players that I work with."


       -Dave Holden, Film & Television Composer

With composer and director and musical colleagues of "God The Father" 


"A brilliant young musician with stunning versatility...Lacy is able to play classical virtuosic showpieces,  fiddle tunes, and improvasational rock with equal sensibilty and flair" 

- David Parker, Architect, Director of 'Sonatasia'


2010 - present

"I have been fortunate enough to have shared the stage with Lacy several times. She is professional, unbelievably skilled and super fun to work with. I have also had the opportunity to hire her for a show that my brewing company, New Vaudeville, recently held. Her performance created such an amazing buzz in the crowd. Everyone loved it and talked about it as a highlight of the evening. I can’t wait to hire her for more gigs and I hope to play music with her again in the near future!"


    -Roger Malinowski, Pianist


2010 - present

"Lacy came to us when we needed her most! Our band Whiskey Sunday, is an Irish/Americana band and we were referred to Lacy when we were in a pinch during the St. Paddy's day season. She delivered and then some! Not only is Lacy brilliant on the fiddle and can play anything we want her to to perfection on the first try, she also is a total performer. Our band has played with multiple fiddle players throughout Los Angeles and no one is more animated and amazing to watch than Lacy! She's definitely THE fiddle player to look out for in LA."


      -Deidre Moore, Whiskey Sunday Harpist/Band Leader

Playing with "Whiskey Sunday" on St. Patrick's Day - 2014